SPBP is a good example of what SDM does. This flex office/industrial deal was 82% leased at closing. Owned by a large PF advisor, this "smaller" property lacked the focus necessary to drive value. Six months after closing, SPBP had undergone a physical repositioning, was 99% leased, and rental values increased. The property was sold a year and six days after it was bought, resulting in a doubling of the equity investment.


Purchase Price: $7,500,000 or $45/SF July, 2014

Exit: $11,000,000 or $66/SF July, 2015

         99.7% IRR, 2.07x Multiple


Capital Partners: High Net Worth Individuals and the Bank of North Georgia


Building Specifications:

-167,329 SF in 3 buildings

-516 Parking spaces

-17.73 acres including a site for a 4th building

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